Anti-Leadership is Nuts

A good leader is someone you don’t soon forget. Leaders possess subtle, yet powerful skills that are often overlooked because their implementation is what makes a great leader, well, great.

When you find yourself in meetings that flow well, where everyone safely contributes and upon leaving, each member feels empowered and free to get after their responsibilities with some extra vigor, you’ve been lead.

If you leave a meeting somewhat deflated, anxious and a not entirely sure what you’re supposed to do, you’ve probably just been managed.

Leaders aren’t necessarily just born that way, which suggests regular reflection lends itself to anyone who wants to lead and influence others positively. If you’re not brutally honest with how you deal with others, self-reflection is worthless. Here’s a little food for thought:

If you do the following, you’re certainly not a leader and you need to think seriously about fixing your behavior:

  • Acting superior and high-handed
  • Enforcing rules rigidly
  • Favoring a small core of people over everyone else
  • Measuring your success and others’ by how much you earn
  • Using money as a primary reward, leaving out praise, respect, and appreciation
  • Holding on to your own fixed opinions while excluding new input
  • Seeming to look out only for yourself
  • Criticizing team members or employees in public
  • Failing to show respect to everyone
  • Assuming that you always know best
  • Coming to snap judgments and pigeon-holing others
  • Managing through fear and intimidation

The skill of leadership requires certain specific abilities, so ask yourself if you can:

  • Inspire loyalty
  • Make others feel safe
  • Listen to all points of view
  • See past your own needs to fulfill the needs of others
  • Make others feel accepted and respected
  • Motivate others to succeed
  • Open up a space for creativity
  • Foster harmony in a team

It’s important to be vigilant and ever self-aware so you can listen and implement these positive qualities. People love working with others who embrace these abilities and bring others up to draw out their best. You will find others giving their best and excited to be part of a team.


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