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The Difference It Makes When You Feel Good in Your Gut
We know we’re preaching to the choir here when we talk about gut health, but in case you needed a little motivation or inspiration, we wanted to remind you just how vitally important it is to take care of your gut. When your gut feels good, you feel good. Here’s why you should take those […]
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The Simplest & Tastiest Workout Boost: The PreWorkout Pixie
We are SO excited to announce our newest Avisae product: a plant-based, melt-in-your mouth PreWorkout Pixie! Our unique formula is designed to boost energy levels, increase focus and reduce fatigue. It’s a perfect, quick and portable addition to your workout. Simply sprinkle our pixie sticks on your tongue 20 minutes before your workout. You’ll notice […]
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Rip It – Tip It – Freeze It – Eat It!
WHY WE LOVE THESE: Summer is here and with it comes high temperatures and a driving need to stay cool! We love taking our Avisae Essentials like Torch™ and Activate™ to make yummy treats to keep our little ones (and ourselves) extra cool like a homemade popsicle that is infused with essentials like Vitamin D, Green […]
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Boost Your Serotonin- Happiness Heals the Brain
The happiness starter pack. In addition to taking BLISS, try these helpful hints: Get enough vitamin B6– since you must acquire this very important vitamin from your foods (or supplements), here are some vitamin B6-rich options: spinach, turnip greens, garlic, cauliflower, mustard greens, celery, fish (especially tuna, halibut, salmon, cod and snapper), poultry (chicken and turkey) and […]
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Anti-Leadership is Nuts
A good leader is someone you don’t soon forget. Leaders possess subtle, yet powerful skills that are often overlooked because their implementation is what makes a great leader, well, great. When you find yourself in meetings that flow well, where everyone safely contributes and upon leaving, each member feels empowered and free to get after […]
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The Blame Game
“Blame is the lie by which we convince ourselves that we are victims. It is the lie that robs us of our serenity, our generosity, our confidence, and our delight in life.  For it is the act of blaming that can’t co-exist with self-responsibility — or with freedom from inner agitation and strained relationships. Abandon […]
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Non-Final Destination
Do you remember being told that an airplane whose pilot has miscalculated the flight pattern by 1 or 2 degrees can take you hundreds of miles from the intended destination? Or worse, into the broad side of a mountain! A miscalculation so small can have huge ramifications. If you’re a glass-half-full kind-of-guy like me, then […]
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11 Essential Steps of Ego-Crushing Inadequacy
“Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way- Turn.” Charles De Mar, Better Off Dead. Some choice advice dispelled in the 1980’s. It’s as true today as it was then. Someone else described this process in terms of business “Fail as fast as you can, so you can succeed faster.” Bygone are […]
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Difficult times, I don’t want you, but I need you.
I know difficult times. This line at face value may appear a somber and non-heartwarming intro. But it’s all in one’s perspective. Have you found yourself on the losing end of a series of unfortunate events? Anything from tragedy to unemployment to heartache? With your world crashing down around you and painful reminders of your […]
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Mind, Blown.
Honestly, this is real. But it’s actually your brain being depleted of a diminishing resource called “mental energy.” Did you know we have a daily allotment of energy devoted to the brain and decision making  that we can burn right through? Mental fortitude is a rich commodity that some have in excess while others seemingly […]
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