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The Simplest & Tastiest Workout Boost: The PreWorkout Pixie
We are SO excited to announce our newest Avisae product: a plant-based, melt-in-your mouth PreWorkout Pixie! Our unique formula is designed to boost energy levels, increase focus and reduce fatigue. It’s a perfect, quick and portable addition to your workout. Simply sprinkle our pixie sticks on your tongue 20 minutes before your workout. You’ll notice […]
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Beauty From The Inside Out and The Outside In- Supplements & Skin Care
If you haven’t figured out how to successfully complete a Rubik’s Cube. You’re not alone. I have offered exactly 6 minutes of mental energy toward said feat before collapsing with exhaustion. I did however manage to get one side of the cube completely white. The remaining 5 sides however, were a discombobulated mess of colors. […]
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Fathers Do More Than Eat Leftovers
Somewhere, there is a man lying on a couch relaxing and thereby, igniting the ire of his wife. There is something about a man relaxing that drives women bananas. For this purpose, a man, high up the ladder in Washington, created “Father’s Day.” One time a year, no more, no less, Fathers are entitled to […]
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Clean and Lean 2015
#cleanandlean2015 Avisae has created a dietary regimen that rivals the simplicity of a sock and the sophistication of a Lexus Christmas commercial. The idea behind this year’s challenge is two-fold: To get healthier To create positive habits. If we focus just on weight loss, we lose sight of the ultimate goal; which generally speaking, is […]
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Daily Indulge Meal Replacement
Science tells us that people consistently do the same few things when they awake. Without going into gruesome, offensive detail, one of the to-dos is eating breakfast. Later, most will then eat lunch, and later still; dinner. Unfortunately for human beings there are foods like sugary cereal or lunch foods that have been violently condensed […]
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REDUCE is a 6 Letter Word
When you hear someone say REDUCE, science tells us you automatically think of one of the following: Alice in Wonderland “Drink Me” Car Emissions Your “Honey-Do” List Nuclear Proliferation Taxes If you thought outside of these 5 suggestions, than you are above average in intelligence and should be sitting on a porch somewhere, sipping lemonade […]
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90 Day Weight Loss Challenge, Get Your OptimAll Body Now!
Join Avisae for our 90 Day Get Fit Challenge! Click Here To Enter Our Weekly Raffle Everyone is so darn busy! Time is a precious commodity that rarely allows us to eat the way we should to be healthy! Here at the office we come in early and don’t leave till late. That can lead […]
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