The Love Your Gut Clean and Lean Challenge
can assist you in transforming your body, your business
and accomplishing your goals!

Round 4 runs Feb 5 through April 30th!



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Pre+Probiotics Pixie, Reduce Weight Loss, Digestwel+ Chewable Enzymes,
Repair+ L-Glutamine + Fiber, Clean and Lean Guide


Pre+Probiotics Pixie, Digestwel+ Chewable Enzymes, Repair+ L-Glutamine + Fiber,
Reduce Weight Loss, Pre-Workout Pixie, Activate (Peach Mango), Activate (Raspberry Lemonade),
Daily Indulge Meal Replacement, Clean and Lean Guide



Follow the Program & Enjoy the Results!

1- Complete your PhD and define your journey. Knowing where you’re at today will help you better understand the path before you. Your Love Your Gut PhD will help you define each step of your path and ensure that you’re successful in reaching your goals. Do you despise running? Then don’t. Do you hate staying in one place? Don’t use the elliptical. You have to want to keep coming back, so do something you can enjoy and don’t be afraid to try new things.

2- Select the program that is going to best help you achieve your goals. Use the point guide to help you select what supplements are best to support you in your journey. As you’ll see outlined in this guide, we have designed our kits to assist you on your journey. We believe that health BEGINS in the gut, and because we love yours, we’re going to help you #loveyourgut as well.

3- Take a before picture. Document. Document. Document. We have provided multiple ways for you to chart your progress but your “Before” picture is up to you! When submitting your photos to AVISAE Clean & Lean, you can use your smartphone in good lighting, saving the photos at their FULL size, without added text or filters. Have someone else take the photo for you, in front of a plain background or white wall. The less clutter in the background, the more attention on you! Wear swimwear or tight fitting workout wear. Show as much of your body as is comfortable. This is the best way to see the changes that have happened in your body! Remember to include your face in the photos so we can plainly see that it is you in both photos!

4- Set (realistic) goals, and keep them short-term. If you go into this thinking, “I have to lose 200 pounds in 2 years. Let’s get started,” you will be overwhelmed and your chances of failing will skyrocket. Break it down into small increments, maybe 10 or 15 pounds at a time. You’re more likely to stick with 10 pounds in two months than 200 pounds over two years. Reward yourself when you hit big milestones (depending on how much you have to lose). Better yet, get someone to reward you; you’ll save a lot of money that way.

5- Be public. Most people’s natural instinct when they decide to embark on their journey to health & wellness is to keep it to themselves, but studies show that your chances of success go up when you go public – WAY UP! The people that love you and care about you are going to be thrilled when you tell them about your decision. You’re not going to be able to do this journey alone. You’re going to need a support system to help you through, to talk to when things get difficult, and even to work out or eat healthy with you when you don’t want to do it alone. The other important thing to consider is that you’ll need some accountability throughout this journey. It will be easy to quit if you’re the only one who knows about it. But if you know people are excited for you and watching you change, you’ll be more motivated to stick to your plan.

6- Fill out your Weekly Tracker and Weekly Checklist. There’s your weight, obviously, but don’t just rely on the scales to show you how far you’ve come. If you are trying to achieve a goal and monitor your progress regularly, the greater the likelihood that you will succeed, according to research published by the American Psychological Association. Your chances of success are even more likely if you report your progress publicly or physically record it (see rule five).

7- Get involved. This is kind of a subset of rule number five. Get involved in something official. Whether it is a running club, a master’s swim class, a regular yoga class, or your very own Clean & Lean Facebook group—anything that will help you meet people with the same goals and dreams. Getting involved will also help you to keep coming back. It gives you an obligation and accountability system that is crucial to your success.

8- Overhaul your eating. This is where things get tough for most of us. The first step to health & wellness is making the choice to fuel your body with better food, so this is the area where we all have to look at ourselves, be honest, and work hard to make the change. The thing is, most of us know what eating healthy looks like: more fruits and vegetables, less fried stuff, fewer soft drinks, etc. We’ve put together this quick and easy Guide to Living Clean & Lean that will help you make better food choices on your journey to health! You can even award yourself points for switching up your diet.

9- Listen to your body and have FUN! As you take each step closer to your goals, you will be tried and tested. There are going to be many times when you indulge old eating habits or skip a workout (or two). Anticipate these moments and listen to your body! Missing one workout might be just what your body needs. And when you’re at the gym, or making a new recipe, or switching up your supplementation, make sure you have fun!