Important Changes to Avisae Business Documents

December 6, 2013

RE: Avisae Posts Revisions to Business Rules of Conduct and Other Important Documents

Dear Avisae Independent Business Owner,

From time to time, Avisae will find need to make changes or refinements to the IBO Agreement which consists of: Avisae Terms and Conditions, Avisae Business Rules of Conduct, and the Avisae Financial Rewards Plan. Today, we announce a significant revision to the Avisae Business Rules of Conduct which give emphasis to and favor the protective interests of the Independent Business Owner (IBO). Avisae has worked in partnership with the Blue Ocean Business Group Board of Directors, which represents and advocates the interests of the IBO, and has secured their final review and support of these changes. We have also made corresponding refinements and received similar support to changes made to the Avisae Terms and Conditions.

As is stated in the current version of the Avisae Business Rules of Conduct (dated February 10, 2013), Avisae is required to give no less than 30 days notice of such changes before they become effective (see Rules 6 and 8.19). After 30 days, these revised elements of the Agreement will become official. As stated in rule 8.19, “if you continue to Enroll IBOs and/or accept Bonuses from us, such actions shall constitute an acceptance of the amendments to the Agreement.

Avisae is also pleased to announce that it has finalized a legal, binding agreement with the BOBG which ensures that Avisae will not implement material changes to the Agreement, propose new products, or implement certain promotions, etc., without first consulting with and seeking the input and support of the BOBG. We believe such a relationship as defined in such a binding agreement to be a first in the Channel Commerce industry.

These efforts and supportive documents and agreements clearly emphasize Avisae’s appreciation for the protection and preservation of the independent business owner’s business. We are grateful to the many who have helped in the drafting of these documents.

These documents can be accessed through the Avisae Back Office by going to the “resources” tab and clicking on the applicable country. The documents will be listed as follows:

*NEW – Avisae Business Rules of Conduct – December 6, 2013
*NEW – Avisae IBO Agreement – Terms and Conditions – December 6, 2013
*NEW – Avisae-BOBG Master Relationship Agreement – November 13, 2013

Ordinarily, whenever Avisae presents changes made to any of the documents that make up the Agreement, it will make every effort to highlight such changes to make it easy for the IBO to review. In this case, however, the changes constitute a broad brush stroke across the entire document and therefore we believe it to be in the best interest of the IBO to review the entire document.

We applaud all who have played a role in this significant revision. The BOBG Board in particular has taken great interest in this project and has been tremendously supportive and interested in ensuring that the interests and protections of the IBO were front and center – the highest priority. We at Avisae share this priority!

We welcome any questions or comments during this 30-day review period. Please feel free to forward any such inquiries to with “Agreement Inquiries” included in the subject line.

We thank you for your commitment to Avisae and for your patience as we continue to mature our services to you.

We wish you every continued success.

The Avisae Executive Management Team

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