Rip It – Tip It – Freeze It – Eat It!



Summer is here and with it comes high temperatures and a driving need to stay cool! We love taking our Avisae Essentials like Torch™ and Activate™ to make yummy treats to keep our little ones (and ourselves) extra cool like a homemade popsicle that is infused with essentials like Vitamin D, Green Tea Extract, B12 and much more!


Our popsicle molds hold 3 ounces each but with the fresh fruit we added to our popsicles for a burst of freshness, we put a little less liquid in each pop. This is the popsicle mold we used.


  • 32 oz of water
  • 2 (4.07 oz) packages of Avisae OptimALL Nutrition™ Raspberry Lemonade Activate™
  • 2 cups crushed raspberries (Strawberries or other chopped fruit work as well)
  • 1 tablespoon grated lemon zest plus 1/4 cup juice (2 lemons)

*For added sweetness, try raw honey or agave and sweeten to taste!


1. Dissolve Activate™ in water. Stir in crushed Raspberries, lemon zest and juice.

2. Put 3-4 whole raspberries in each mold and fill with Activate™ mix.

3. Place the top on the popsicle mold and insert popsicle sticks.

4. Freeze the popsicles overnight.

5. To get the popsicles to release from the mold, fill your kitchen sink with room temperature water. Place the mold in the water, making sure the water does not go above the top of the mold.

6. Allow the mold to sit in the water for a few seconds.

7. Begin to wiggle a popsicle free. If it feels tough, allow them to set in the water a few more seconds.

8. Once all of the popsicles are removed from the mold, enjoy or wrap the extras in wax paper and return to the freezer.


To mix it up, try with Peach Mango Activate™ with fresh mango or peach puree or chunks! We want to see your #summermadesimple creations! Share pictures of your popsicles and make sure to include #AvisaeActivatePopsicles on all of your posts!

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