Brooks Yates


Brooks has accomplished much in both family and career. He has worked for fortune 500 companies in large account, sales and operation management positions. His leadership abilities have been proven with some of the largest and most innovative organizations.

He has gained comprehensive experience in sales, marketing, operations and information technology within several large, global companies. He has a consistent track record of creating growth, increasing sales through new customers acquisition as well as per transaction sales, while reducing and maintaining low operating expenses. All that he’s accomplished has been accomplished through innovation using technology as well as strong vendor management and contract negotiation.

Brooks has been a key executive in one of the fastest growing companies in network marketing. He has a strong background in sales, business development, business management and entrepreneurship. He has been involved in the creation and launch of 23 network-marketing companies throughout the globe that were extensions of one parent company. These expansions collectively grew the markets to over $356 million in annual revenues, all of which received managerial and operational oversight by Brooks.

Brooks has worked outside of the network marketing industry as well, as a part of large fortune 500 companies, which has allowed him access to many best practices across industries. This has also allowed him to create profitable and lean running companies, while focusing on initial implementation and growth. He implemented and managed service lines with annual revenues totaling $67 million and $197 million respectively, on two separate accounts with Unisys Corporation. Before this time, he managed four large accounts with an outsource provider that included all online sales for a premier clothing company and large server management company which included teams of over 250 employees within each organization.

Most recently, Brooks Yates and his business partner, Brent Ririe, started Avisae, a premier channel exchange company based in the U.S. and Canada. The vast experience of running similar companies has allowed them to create and generate quick value and industry-wide interest and attention.

Brooks is married with four children and considers them amongst his greatest joys. He currently resides in Kaysville, Utah.