The Difference It Makes When You Feel Good in Your Gut

We know we’re preaching to the choir here when we talk about gut health, but in case you needed a little motivation or inspiration, we wanted to remind you just how vitally important it is to take care of your gut.

When your gut feels good, you feel good. Here’s why you should take those prebiotics, probiotics, exercise and eat healthy for your gut and for you!

Your bowel habits are on track
Your slightly longer trips to the bathroom are regular, or occuring in a pattern. You’re going when you should and you’re not constipated. What a relief, right? A healthy gut ensures healthy bowel movements.

You don’t get sick as easily
When the bacteria in your gut are balanced, you have a better immunity. Say goodbye to that ever-present cold and hacking cough. A healthy gut will take care of you better than you think.

You’re jumping for joy with clearer skin
There are a lot of factors that play into clear skin: your diet, your stress levels, etc. But ultimately, if you’re taking care of your gut with healthy habits, your gut might just help you clear up your acne. Take a look at the science here if you’re curious.

You’re singing in the rain with improved mental health
A happy gut makes for a happy you. Friends often ask each other, “What do you feel in your gut?” when it comes to decision-making. Well, that gut feeling can also affect your everyday mood. Healthy is happy, but also, happy is healthy. When you’re happy, your lower stress levels can improve your gut bacteria balance even more, making you and your gut even healthier. It’s a beautiful cycle, but can work against you too.

You’re at ease
Your mood has improved, your digestion is stellar, you’re not sick of course you’re going to feel at ease, and you should! Gut health makes all the difference.

Trust your gut. When you feel good in your gut, you must be doing something (or a few things) right.

If your gut doesn’t feel so good, we can help. We’re the Love Your Gut company and we want to help you love your gut too!

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