Trick Or Treat Yo Self to Beautiful Skin – Halloween Makeup Rehab 101


Whether it’s the thick, goopy makeup or binging on sugary treats, Halloween night is dangerous to your waistline and can cause an eruption of breakouts and irritation on the skin.   If your initial plan is to put on as much makeup, glitter, prosthetic wounds and gunk on your face as possible and then use a powerwasher at the end of the night, we suggest you rethink this plan. The key to beautiful skin after a long night out is first, plan ahead, second, plan ahead. Here are some tips to help you keep your BOO-ty in check with some preventative and post tips and tricks!

Your NEW Pre-game Halloween Makeup Shopping:

  • Most people run out and buy Halloween makeup only once a year, from a Halloween/costume store. This may be a mistake. Most cheap Halloween makeup is even less regulated than the everyday drugstore makeup you normally wear. When possible, especially around the eyes, try to opt for traditional makeup instead to avoid irritating or potentially dangerous ingredients. A lot of Halloween makeup, besides being potentially less well preserved, may contain heavy oils or waxes than will clog pores and increase the risk of rashes and breakouts.


  • The key to getting through Halloween unscathed, is to drink plenty of water the day before and after, apply moisturizer under all Halloween makeup, and even consider applying a high quality makeup primer underneath the Halloween makeup itself. The fewer Halloween ingredients touching your skin, the better off you are.

Prevent Breakouts:

  • DO NOT leave that heavy costume makeup on overnight (boys and girls)! No matter how tired you are after your night out, you will only need to dedicate 10% of the time it took for you to apply the makeup, to remove it. Use Reflexsyons™ Cleanse balancing cleanser to thoroughly wash your face, gently clean out your pores and dissolve any dirt/debris you may have collected on your wild night out. Cleanse purifies, replenishes, and hydrates so you can go to sleep knowing you took the first step in protecting your skin!

Calm Irritation

  • Glitter, prosthetic wounds, and any other fun stuff you are using to enhance your costume can cause irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. After you’ve washed your skin, use a moisturizer like Reflexsyons™ Revitalize purifying hydration cream. Not only will this give your skin the much needed replenishment of lost moisture, but it’s going to go to work to increase your collagen production (goodbye fine lines!), reduce the appearance of pores, and improve your skin strength! Before going to sleep, put another fresh layer of Revitalize moisturizer on, to allow the skin to heal and recover overnight.
  • If you have sensitive skin, you can also apply a very thin layer of Revitalize on your face before applying your makeup to protect and soothe your skin (this is a must for the men as well!)


  • The morning after your Halloween festivities, your skin may be looking a bit tired. Don’t do ay abrasive skin care treatments for a day or two to let your skin fully regenerate. And remember – HYDRATE!

Eating Tips

  • If your house is like most, the candy bowl is a hard thing to resist. You might find yourself handing out candy and saying to yourself, “One for you and one for me. One for you…” you get the picture. To balance out the candy and sugary drinks, be sure to supplement your diet with plenty of veggies to help give your skin the nutrition it needs to maintain a healthy complexion. We also recommend taking OptimALL Nutrition’s Sustain anti-aging formula to help set a strong foundation for balanced health and the fight against premature aging. Sustain is jam-packed with a fusion of over 21 body-beneficial fruits and veggies, as well as scientifically validated anti-oxidants, which offer protection against cellular oxidation.

Avisae’s Reflexsyons™ line of skin care were created so you don’t have to worry about your skin and can enjoy Halloween night! They’re formulated to help you combat any issues your costume mask throws your way. In addition to above mentioned beauty Must-Haves, you can check out the full line of Avisae’s Reflexsyons™Skin Care HERE.

We wish you a Happy (and safe) Halloween!


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